Single topic sessions for Children

Learn Good Manners While Having Fun!!!

Four classes per session:

Etiquette Everyday
Ages 5+

Magic words, the importance of apologies, polite greetings, making introductions, addressing adults, being on time, annoying behaviors, respecting others, being honest, good manners make good neighbors...

Etiquette Everywhere
Ages 5+

Ladies first, good etiquette at public places, malls, theaters, airports, stadiums, restaurants, hospitals, public restrooms, sleeping over, joining sports team,     friendship in the school, riding the bus; internet and telephone etiquette…

Posture and Visual Poise
Ages 7+

Proper sitting positions, how to stand, walking, pivoting, holding a drink and food, carrying a purse, pick up from floor, getting into a vehicle…

First Impression
Ages 7+

Eye contact, hand shakes, introduction, facial expressions, smile, talking tone and voice, public speaking, using names and titles, understand body language…

Perfect Parties
Ages 8+

How to plan and host different types of parties, being a best attendee, gifting tips; the written of invitations, announcements, greeting cards and thank-you notes…

The Art of Conversations
Ages 8+

Use magic words, pay attention, don’t interrupt, show interest, respectful words for family and friends, dealing with the 30 most difficult situations.

My Image, My Style
Ages 10 +

Clean and neat, personal color analyses, wardrobe design, the power of dressing, shopping tips, make up application technique, grooming and hair style, healthy life style and skin care, nutrition and exercise…The beauty from inside out.

The Art of Dating (Ladies or Gentlemen)
Ages 13+

Asking someone out, accepting a date (or not), keeping your word, have a plan, money issues, safety dating tips, the guideline for teen dates.

Seven important rules every Gentleman should know Ages 8+

Six classes per session:

Dining Skills and Table Manners
Ages 6+

The dining fundamentals, table settings, family meal, eating at fast food place, informal dinner at friend’s house, casual restaurant, formal dinner at fine             restaurant and social parties, multi-culture dining customs, sticky situations…

Ballroom Dance and Social Dance
Ages 8+

Popular social dance movements, ballroom dance, everything about a dancing party…

Get ready for Adulthood
Ages 15+

College interviews, job interviews, essay and resume check, preparing for the prom…

4 classes per session, $198/each;
6 classes per session $288/each.

With customized age appropriate classes from ages 6 to 17, your child will learn from various programs.

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